Do you ever see something 5hat makes you want to die a little bit? Well that’s how I felt today when I connected to my Linux server on my phone after a meal at Pizza Hut.

I noticed an issue with my Discord bot and decided to login to my server on my phone, and was greeted with a horrific perversion of the my zsh Powerline prompt.

Powerline is an application primarily for UNIX-based operating systems to decorate text interfaces such as vim and terminal prompts. Powrline bars use a special Unicode character to create pointed sections, but alas my Powerline-patched version of Ubuntu Mono has been poorly patched, resulting in the slightly off-centre arrow pictured below.

Off-centre arrow symbol

Unsurprisingly, this has caused me a great deal of discomfort, and I am now in the process of looking for a replacement font, will report back if/when my search concludes.

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